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Start book writing with our simple process, collaborate at every stage of writing. Get help best ghostwriters to help you reach the next in writing the best story and get recognition for your book.

Oxford Ghostwriting made the process simple and flexible process for the writers who want to publish the interesting and most amazing story with the world. We have complete solutions or package that offers, ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, publishing, web content, eBook, and book cover designing to help writers at very reasonable prices with 100% guarantee.

  • Send us your requirements
  • Get draft, and you give us feedback
  • We receive your feedback then write
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Final formatting
  • Document delivery and Publication
Provide us Details

Select the package that suits you, i.e., ghostwriting, proofreading, editing, eBook, blog, article, or web content writing, and provide us your requirements relevant to your selected services. We have an efficient customer support system to ask for your details and requirements to forward your details exactly to the writer team to start the work.

Proceed to Work Further

When you send us your requirements, our writer will start work on your first draft; we provide a document to take feedback from you whether the work is going as per your requirements or not. When you approved our work, then we will work further to deliver you complete work.

Customer Remarks

We cooperate with our customers to compose the best book and write a story according to your ideas. With proper coordination, the process much easier and also improves the quality. The advantage of taking feedback is the customer can during the writing process.

Editing and Proofreading

After writing the complete book, our expert will edit and proofread your manuscript; this is the part of the process to ensure the quality and manuscript are flawless. Our proofreaders thoroughly check the manuscript before delivery to you, and if there will require some changes, we will amend it before delivery.

Format Checking

Finally, we check the format of the manuscript and match it with the required format and writing standards. The format is crucial to check before sending for publishing because if it is not up to the required format, it will approve for publication. Our specialists will ensure the correct foam in your manuscript.

Publishing and Delivery

We also offer publishing services to help writers publication of the book. Whether you want to publish with or with another consult, we prepare an engaging and perfect manuscript, so it gets quick publication. Oxford Ghostwriting also provides a book cover designing service for an attractive and impressive book cover.

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Why Choose Us For Self-Publishing?

Oxford Ghostwriting, where self-publishing a book, be it a novel or a self-published comic book, is an art we've mastered. We take pride in being your trusted partner for bringing the best self-published books to life.


We provide a range of services to fulfill your specific needs. Whether you're looking for editing, cover design, or marketing assistance, we provide vast options to help you create the best self-published book that aligns with your vision.

Self-Publishing Support

From inception to distribution, we offer comprehensive self-publishing support. Our services cover editing, proofreading, book design, marketing, and global distribution. We're committed to ensuring your book reaches the widest audience possible.

Hidden Costs

You'll have complete visibility into the self-publishing process, from the initial steps of editing and design to the final marketing strategies. Our pricing is straightforward, with no hidden costs, ensuring your journey is as smooth as possible.

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