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What is the process of ghostwriting?
Oxford Ghostwriting has a smooth process of ghostwriting. Our expert will chat with you via phone call or email and take all your requirements. Our ghostwriting will start on your chapters, book synopsis, or sample chapters and send you a draft. When you approve this, we will work further to complete the book.
How can I avail your ghostwriting services?
If you are looking for help in book writing, we can help you with this. We have a team of expert ghostwriters who efficiently write a book. Give us your requirements and details. Our ghostwriter will write according to the details. You can search different online platforms, but Oxford Ghostwriting provides the best services at affordable services.
What are the advantages of hiring a ghostwriter?
Good writing is only achieved by a phrase, series of words, and sentences in the right place. Every story or website content should be connected with the right words and make proper sense. We have competent writers to work on your book, our editors, specialist consultants to bring you remarkable professional creative content services on your requirements.
Are your services offer a guarantee?
We have specialists’ writers to work on your book, professional editors, and proofreaders to ensure the work's quality. Avail of our best services to finest writing for your book, whether it is fictional, non-fictional, business book writing, website content writing. We have an expert for each of the writing. Therefore, we guarantee quality.
What is ghostwriting?
A ghostwriter is hire to write literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author. This type of writing is connected with the book, all writers who don’t have the skills to write effectively or have no time to write avail ghostwriting.
What is the cost of the services you offer?
It depends on your needs, what services you are taking, and the wordcount you require. We have flexible and customized designing services. Although we have affordable services, our editing and proofreading are easily affordable with 100% quality and transparency.
Are your services 100% confidential?
Yes, our services are secure to use. We maintained 100% privacy on data we receive from clients. Customer data is our utmost priority. We have strict privacy policies to maintain the privacy ethics of writers. When you avail of our services, get yourself free from stress about privacy.
Do you help in editing and proofreading?
Yes, if you only want to avail of editing and proofreading and completed your manuscript, then you can help our editing and proofreading services which are very affordable and ensure that your document is free from errors, perfectly structured, and meeting all the writing standards.
How can I get my book published?
The best way to get a book published is to thoroughly research which publishers/literary agents might be interested in the sort of book you’ve written, find out what they’d like you to send them (three chapters, synopsis, etc.), and then send it. We offer this service for a fee, but it’s really very simple to submit manuscripts to publishers.

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