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Engaging Creative Writing

Our creative writing services deliver an intense ear of our customer's needs. The requirement for attention-seeking copy in a packed digital era has never been more essential. Oxford Ghostwriting helps you learn what makes your business separate from your competitor; we will make completely new content for your business to reach your desired audience. Strong verdict structure, native language, and tone are important to bring out the best story spirit. Our globally recognized writing services from expert ghostwriters help compose a sole reader experience. Our creative writing services incorporate various specialized genres, customized service, client communication, and book marketing.

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Multiple Genres

The team of creative writers at The Book Writers Hub has extensive years of experience in ghostwriting industry and provides expert ghostwriting services globally. We have proved our work in customized writing and several genres.

Customized Services

We offer customized services globally; you can approach us for a specific category/content/ genre; we assign a particular expert writer who is well versed. What do you want to grow your business? We can provide you that with utmost quality.

Client Communication

The team of creative writers at The Book Writers Hub assures that projects get accomplished and delivered on time, as per the customers' requirements. Thus, to satisfy the client with the best services, we constantly communicate with the clients.

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Why Choose Us For Self-Publishing?

Oxford Ghostwriting, where self-publishing a book, be it a novel or a self-published comic book, is an art we've mastered. We take pride in being your trusted partner for bringing the best self-published books to life.


We provide a range of services to fulfill your specific needs. Whether you're looking for editing, cover design, or marketing assistance, we provide vast options to help you create the best self-published book that aligns with your vision.

Self-Publishing Support

From inception to distribution, we offer comprehensive self-publishing support. Our services cover editing, proofreading, book design, marketing, and global distribution. We're committed to ensuring your book reaches the widest audience possible.

Hidden Costs

You'll have complete visibility into the self-publishing process, from the initial steps of editing and design to the final marketing strategies. Our pricing is straightforward, with no hidden costs, ensuring your journey is as smooth as possible.

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Client Satisfaction

At Oxford Ghostwriting, we take massive pride in being your trusted partner for self-publishing. Look at our professional service if you want good Kindle direct publishing reviews for your book. Whether you're undertaking the journey of self-publishing a book or bringing a self-published comic book to life, we are here to make your dreams a reality.

I was thrilled with the self-publishing service provided by Oxford Ghostwriting. They took my dream of self-publishing a book and turned it into a reality. Their expertise shone through from my best self-published books to my self-published comic book. Their Kindle Direct Publishing reviews strategies were a game-changer. Highly recommended!



I enjoyed working with Oxford Ghostwriting for my self-publishing journey and am happy. They provided the best self-publishing services, ensuring that my self-published book was of the highest quality. Oxford Ghostwriting is the way to go if you want to create the best self-published books.



I can't thank Oxford Ghostwriting enough for their support in self-publishing my book. They transformed my manuscript into the best self-published book. From self-publishing a book to promoting it, they were there every step. The self-publishing process was transparent, and their Kindle Direct Publishing review strategies helped me reach a wider audience. Thanks & Recommended!



I was looking for book publishers who not publish my book but also proofread and edit according to the standards and engaging flow of sentences. When I consult the "Oxford Ghostwriting" they edit and publish my book in the least time. I am gratified with both services.



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