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The first draft is black and white; editing gives the story perfect texture and colour. Editing is not only for proofreaders and editors. You should also edit your work on your own for perfect delivery of the sentences, and if you get confused in editing and don’t know how to edit, we are here to help you with our astonishing editing services. We can help you with your book at any stage of ghostwriting process.

A good book is your surest introduction to the world. Suppose you want to learn real writing strategies from someone who goes well beyond surface-level edits. We offer story variations, provide satisfaction, maintain quality and ensure committed delivery. Our expert editors check all the aspects to describe your story.

  • We provide story variations
  • Giving story true colors
  • Thorough proofreading
  • Surface-level edits and proofreading

Book Editing & Proofreading

Are you ready to take radical of getting your story coming through? Turning the idea into beautiful paper with our exception editing and proofreading services.

Our Proofreading Services

We have professional proofreaders to thoroughly check your book and highlight the mistake in order to rectify them to achieve 100% effectiveness in book

Transparent Review

Our efficient team of proofreading review content and ensure that book is perfectly compose with structure and format.

Our Affordable services

We believe to help writers that’s we provide affordable services. our team of expert never compromise on quality that’s why they give their 100% to ensure the quality.

Our Exceptional Services at Oxford Ghostwriting

You want every word, sentence, paragraph, page, scene, chapter, and character to come directly from your soul in your book. We provide distinctive solutions for ghostwriting, Editing, proofreading, autobiography writing, blogs writing and eBook Writing and publishing. Also, we have unique services for book cover designing for those who are willing to prepare most attractive cover for their book. If you have a strong message to share with the world, but you are not sure about the process of writing a book, don't get confused about what to choose. Oxford Ghostwriting providing high quality content writing services at affordable price.

Why you need editing services?

When you are writing any paper or story you must requires careful proofreading to amend the paper to deliver quality work. No matter how good you are in writing you need expert advice about your written work before publication. At “Oxford Ghostwriting” we have experienced and skilled editors to fulfill your editing and proofreading needs. We have customized editing services to proofread and edit your story and prepared it in most effective and appealing way.

Get Flawless Ghostwriting Services

We turn your content in engaging context. We believe in creating the impression on the readers that why we work carefully on every script to create the error-free content. we have writers to fix all the errors in the story. Whatever is your need we help you with our outstanding editing services and ensure that content is effective and easy to read.

Perfection is our Promise

If you have completed your writing work and looking for someone who proofread and edit your work then we are best in providing quality services. we have team of skilled editors to help you diligently to convert your content in engaging way at reasonable prices. We have native English speaker writer to achieve this purpose. All the stories will go through the process to ensure the proper usage of punctuation, spellings, grammar and sentences structure.

Why choose Oxford Ghostwriting Services?

We offer top quality editing services at affordable services. Our expert writers review work carefully and then start working on amendments and your book ready to publish story. we trained our writers to follow all the standards of writing and instructions and complete the editing task within the deadline. Whether you are successful writer or writing a novel for the first time every writer needs an experienced and professional proofreaders and editors and we are the best in writing, editing and proofreading.

Our multi-writing services

When you start writing your story your focus is on the narrative and the development of the fictional characters. You give your months on writing the book and when you reaching to the ending you need the editor and proofreader to look in to the complete story. Our services include copy-editing and proofreading, novels, short stories, biographies, manuscripts, creative web content, fictional and non-fictional content. Many writers choose our services because we provide consistency in writing. We return the edited document to the customer with track changes and highlighted content that we changed or modified and enhanced.

Want to add texture in your story?

Why Choose Us For Self-Publishing?

Oxford Ghostwriting, where self-publishing a book, be it a novel or a self-published comic book, is an art we've mastered. We take pride in being your trusted partner for bringing the best self-published books to life.


We provide a range of services to fulfill your specific needs. Whether you're looking for editing, cover design, or marketing assistance, we provide vast options to help you create the best self-published book that aligns with your vision.

Self-Publishing Support

From inception to distribution, we offer comprehensive self-publishing support. Our services cover editing, proofreading, book design, marketing, and global distribution. We're committed to ensuring your book reaches the widest audience possible.

Hidden Costs

You'll have complete visibility into the self-publishing process, from the initial steps of editing and design to the final marketing strategies. Our pricing is straightforward, with no hidden costs, ensuring your journey is as smooth as possible.

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